The Arts Council recently confirmed that we would not be eligible for any support from The Cultural Recovery Fund. Over the last year we have submitted two applications, an appeal and a complaint. We passionately campaigned for the cultural recognition of our festival but The Arts Council on behalf of the Government has deemed us unworthy of financial support. Houghton has already made a significant contribution to British culture and will continue to do so in the coming years. We are incredibly committed to the festival and have enormous belief in its potential. Ultimately this rejection has only increased our determination to make Houghton happen.

The mist of confusion and uncertainty appears to be lifting leaving little doubt that festivals will be allowed to take place this year. There is still enormous controversy surrounding a Covid insurance policy and we wait in anticipation for further information regarding this. Meanwhile, we creep towards a place of happiness and dance. Music is a good which travels lightly and for all of us whose lives revolve around it this has been a time of emptiness. The absence of loud music, strangers on dance floors, flashing lights and communal transcendent experience has given us all a greater appreciation of how important these experiences are to our lives.

However, before there is any chance of this happening at Houghton we need to generate a considerable amount of money in a very short space of time. In order to do this we proudly present LET ME OUT LET ME IN. This represents a thoughtfully selected collection of charming products to wear, look at or use around the house, designed by our very own artist Craig Richards. All items are reasonably priced and beautifully manufactured. The imagery contained within the campaign represents the absolute end of the relentless catastrophe. A symbol of renewed optimism as we continue to move towards the dance floor.

We urge you to take this campaign seriously, without this we cannot continue into the next stage. We need to raise money quickly so there is a small window of opportunity. In order to achieve this we have a time scale of ONE WEEK.

From 4pm on Friday 2nd July, the LET ME OUT LET ME IN shop will be open for business via this link –

Please help us out and extend your participation in the festival by purchasing greedily.

With love from all of us at Houghton

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