A celebration of music and art
in the Norfolk countryside.
9th – 12th August 2018

**** If you are a local resident and you need to give us any feedback during the festival 9th – 13th August, please get in touch via:

Email – localfeedback@houghtonfestival.co.uk

Phone – Resident’s Hotline manned 24/7 – 0330 122 6192

[Urgent calls only please]

Please note this is not a general enquiries phone line ****

This is an important reminder about our ticket policy.

If you have a ticket to sell, please do the right thing and resell it via Resident Advisor.

We work exclusively with our official ticket partner Resident Advisor to provide a fair and authorised method of reselling tickets. This system allows a ticket purchase for the face value of the ticket.

If you are looking for a ticket for this year’s event, official resale tickets are ONLY available from here.

Houghton Festival does not support tickets from third party reseller platforms including ViaGoGo, SeatWave and Ticket Swap. This information has been on the houghtonfestival.co.uk home page since the launch of this year’s event in February 2018.

As we have been made aware of a number of fraudulent tickets circulating, all ticket holders will require the original buyer or the original buyer’s ID (a photocopy of a driving license or passport) to be present at the gate at the time of entry into the festival.

The validity of tickets purchased from unapproved third party sites cannot be guaranteed. These resale websites do not check the authenticity of the ticket with the official ticket agent and are often fake. The purchase is entirely at your own risk. This includes purchases made within Facebook.

If you have purchased a ticket from any site or platform other than Resident Advisor, and your name does not match the name on the ticket, you should be aware of two things:

1) first check the ticket’s validity by emailing the order number on the ticket to ticketsupport@residentadvisor.net. If the ticket is not valid, you should NOT travel to Norfolk. You should seek a refund immediately from which ever site or platform you purchased this resale ticket from. You should also contact your credit card company or bank who can help you get your money refunded. Resident Advisor or Houghton Festival will not be able to refund you.

2) even if your ticket is valid after the RA check, this still does NOT guarantee entry. There is a risk that you have purchased a ticket that has been resold several times. If you have purchased a duplicate ticket, there is a chance that your ticket’s barcode will already have been used by the time you arrive at the entrance. If your barcode is scanned and has already been used, you will NOT be allowed into the festival. You should seek a refund from where ever you purchased this resale ticket from and you should contact your credit card company or bank. There will be NO tickets on the door.

If we identify any individuals who have sold fraudulent or invalid tickets they will be reported to the Police.

For further information, please contact info@houghtonfestival.co.uk

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