Cancellation Updates

15/08/2019 @ 16:49:

One week on from last week’s cancellation, we feel it important to further assure you that we are making every effort to resolve this situation as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

The festival is now packed up and de-rigged safely. It stands in shipping containers awaiting next year.

Regarding the pressing issue of refunds, we want to reassure you that we are continuing to work closely with Resident Advisor and our insurers on a daily basis and we will issue any information we have as soon as we receive it.

Once again thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

From everyone here at Houghton.

09/08/2019 @ 17:18:

Thank you for all the messages of support during this moment of extreme challenge. In a state of shock and disbelief we are currently deconstructing the beautiful lakeside town we have built up here in Norfolk, in preparation for this weekend’s storm. It feels like a film set where a film was never shot. The fact that the site was so ready makes it even more heartbreaking to dismantle. Understandably we are devastated that this year’s celebration did not take place. In year three our aim was to define the festival, with all the positive and negative information taken from the last two years we sought to present a coherent and exciting template for the future.

Following yesterday’s statement we wanted to further explain the sentiment and reasoning behind our decision making.

Firstly, whilst a lot of rain is forecast this weekend it is the wind that is to be our enemy. Anyone who lives in England will be no stranger to rain, but wind is a very different force with powerful and vicious potential. Forecasted gales are predicted in excess of 60mph. Whilst all structures on site are built to the highest of standards, none are designed to withstand wind speeds of this velocity.

Our primary concern is for the safety and comfort of our guests. All aspects of the site are required to function on all levels, however, the site itself including the campsites can only take so much. The idea that people’s homes for the weekend could be ravaged, if not destroyed by the wind, leaving them temporarily homeless is impossible to comprehend.

We considered what lay ahead to be dangerous and after consulting various experts including our Health and Safety advisors we had no choice but to cancel the show. We will not risk people’s safety.

The predicted forecast would mean the inevitable closure of the majority of our stages. Because of the risk of falling trees the whole woodland area was also destined to be closed. The knock-on effect of this would have placed an overwhelming demand on the rest of the site including our welfare provisions and sheltered areas. Cancelling a sold-out event on the day of its opening is incredibly difficult but our decisions were made in a professional and informed manner. Of this we are certain.

Ticket refunds are a priority. We are currently working through the process with our ticketing partner Resident Advisor – more information will be issued as soon as we have it. We aim to resolve this as quickly as possible.

From everyone here at Houghton.

08/08/2019 @ 09:44:

Over night, weather conditions on-site at Houghton Festival have dramatically worsened and are set to deteriorate further into the weekend.

Tragically, following this morning’s reports and further consultation with authorities, health and safety and all the festival directors, the decision has been made to cancel Houghton 2019.

We are utterly devastated. All the hard work, love and creativity that has gone into planning and producing this year’s event made this an almost impossible decision to make.

This was set to be a wonderful weekend and the boldest step we have ever taken as a festival. However, nothing is more important than the safety of our customers, staff and performers, which would be compromised if we were to go ahead.

Clearly this will cause a lot of disruption and a lot of questions. However for now we can confirm the following: – Houghton Festival 2019 cannot go ahead.
– Please do not travel to the show.
– Information regarding refunds will be available later today.
– Please do not request refunds until we have confirmed the process.

Please understand that this decision has been made with the deepest of consideration.
Craig Richards, Tom Elkington, Tom Carpenter, Digby Neill (Houghton Directors)